Seamless Integration

Phantom is the singular tool Mac users’ need to improve their workflow, expedite diagnostic decision-making, and improve patient care. Designed to complement the Mac experience, it gives clinicians a lightweight, portable solution that can be used anywhere from the office to the bedside. Its exceptional imagery gives precision details that will avoid expensive and unnecessary testing making it an easy to use cost-saving solution.

Redefining Healthcare

Teleomed Devices, the consulting group on the forefront of improving patient-provider relationships, teamed with Interson, the medical leader in cutting-edge ultrasound imaging to create Phantom – the industry's only point-of-care ultrasound for the Mac. Phantom compliments Teleomed Devices’ passion for improving healthcare and empowering patients using well-designed tools that foster patient engagement, improve early interventions, and promote value-based solutions. Teleomed Devices’ team of doctors, engineers and scientists have a combined total of 60+ years of clinical experience.

Our Team

Eliah Aronoff-Spencer, MD, PhD
Robert Spencer, MD
Rishi Graham, PhD
Data Scientist
Heidi Rataj, MA
Content & Communications
Wes Vetter
Andrew Cope
Software Engineer